The Art of Enjoying and Singing the Apple

Welcome in the kids’ activities zone, intended for teachers and parents who’ll want to follow-up with some fun after the visit of our orchard. You’ll find many great educational or simply playful activities!

The Apple Song

Teach this poem to your kids and ask them to demonstrate the different apple sizes with their arms and hands.

Apple, Apple, one, two, three
Apples for me
Apples for you
Heavy Apple trees
Light Apple trees
Picking in Fall,
Picking in Summer!
Acid apples
Sweet apples
Apples are good for my health!

Apple coloring

Color the apples in red, green, yellow and in all the colors you want!

Click here to print a drawing page

Apple craft

  1. Cut one apple (per child in half right in the middle (not vertically);
  2. Pour various paint colors in shallow containers;
  3. Ask the children to dip the flat side of their apple;
  4. Show the children how to stamp their apple on a paper;
  5. Put the paper aside and let it dry;
  6. If you all wish to, ask the kids to fold the paper in half to create a greeting card.

Follow-Up on the Trip to the Orchard

Ask the kids to sit in circle and to talk about their visit at Verger Lacroix!

Here are a few questions that will help you start :

  • What have we done first?
  • What have we done after?
  • How many bags of apples have we picked up?
  • What did we have to eat?
  • What animals did we see?
  • What animals did you prefer
  • Did you get lost in the maze?
  • Did you enjoy the tractor ride?
  • Did you like the theater play? What was the main character’s name? What happened to him?