The Art of Creating Divine Ciders

Do you know the fire ciders, ice ciders and sparkling ciders Verger Lacroix et Cidrerie offers? Several of them are renowned around Quebec and the world for their unique sunset and sky-evoking tastes!

Be it to sip an ice-cold glass of cider in good company or to reserve a private order for your restaurant or event, Verger Lacroix et Cidrerie offers a large scale of ciders of artisanal transformation, to please everyone’s tastes.

Lacroix d'OR

Speaking to the Epicureans, Lacroix d'Or is definitely an exceptional product. Offering hints of pear, spice and cinnamon, Lacroix d'Or exposes the magnitude of the aromatic apple frozen directly into the tree. Very long and persistent finish, this ice cider develops a roundness worthy of a great vintage.

The southern orientation of the orchard in addition to a typical local microclimate in St-Joseph-du-Lac favors the cultivation of quality apples.


80% Cortland | 10% Golden Russet | 10% Liberty


  1. Apples are harvested frozen solid in the winter, during the coldest periods February.
  2. They are then pressed outside in a large hydraulic press.
  3. The sugars collected in the must were concentrated by CRYOEXTRACTION.
  4. There is low-temperature fermentation and aging on lees to develop aromatic complexity.

Tasting Notes

Presence of pears, cinnamon and spices. Good persistence in mouth.

Serving Temperature

Between 6 and 10 ºC

Aging Potential

5 to 10 years


Perfect accompaniment to foie gras, good dark chocolate or a fine cheese.


  • Gold medal : Mondial des cidres de glace 2017
  • Silver medal : Mondial des cidres de glace 2015
  • Gold medal : Coupe des nations 2012

Where can you find our alcoholic products?

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