The Art of Savoring the Apple

Cooked on site from freshly picked apples, the gourmet specialties of Verger Lacroix et Cidrerie will add a touch of passion to your family or friendly meals. Make your provisions for the road or to offer some to your close ones.

Available at the boutique


  • Apple & Feu Sacré caramel
  • Ice cider jelly
  • Apple BBQ sauce
  • Ciders (fire, ice, sparkling)

Other delicious products

  • Apple pie
  • Apple juice (real)
  • Apple compote
  • Apple donuts (the very best)
  • Apple jelly, apple-raspberry jelly, apple-strawberry jelly, cheekbone jelly
  • Strawberry and raspberry jam
  • Apple syrup and strawberry syrup
  • Fruit ketchup
  • Apple butter
  • Orchard salsa
  • Cider vinegar
  • Marinades (cucumber, dills, beets)

Where can you find our gourmet products?

Many resellers!

If you are unable to visit us, our products are available in many different stores!

At the following events

  • Artisans de Ste-Rose 
  • Journée portes ouvertes de l'UPA
  • Mondial de la bière
  • Many Christmas markets